Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Takes Balls!

I was out for a walk on a chilly but sunny day over the weekend when I got a text from my husband which was a forward of one he had receieved at 4:30 am!  It was a message from a cousin of mine asking if he could use our credit card for a $1,000 charge as he didn't have any cards with that amount available.  Apparently he was breeding his dog and purchased some dog semen from another state and needed the money to pay the refundable deposit on the shipping box.  We would get our money back once the vet got her materials back (guessing the box belonged to the vet?). 

I cannot imagine asking someone for that kind of money for something like that!  Medical bills are one thing and maybe even if it was my own brother but a cousin who only contacts us when he needs something...NO WAY!  I can't believe someone would have the balls to do that but apparently it was important. 

I'm begging you...do not ask me for money unless it is a GOOD reason and dog semen is NOT it!


  1. LMAO! For the LOVE OF GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It DOES take Balls....not the human kind though.

  2. I KNOW! After I wrote that post and title I thought it worked well without meaning to! I was quite appalled!